At Emmes Metals Private Limited, we have the die casting and management expertise to add value to your business. In order to meet demands from various industrial segments, we provide a wide variety processes to meet our customer needs. Our casting size ranges from 15 gram to 4 kilogram per piece.

We undertake manufacture of Pressure Die cast Components in Zinc and Aluminium based alloys in complex shapes and designs. Emmes metals is premier source of all types of castings from L.P.D.C., Hot chamber, Cold chamber, Gravity castings.

Dies are designed and developed by us in our own well equipped tool-room. Our main aim is to give customer satisfaction, high quality, and timely delivery with competitive rates.

We can bring to the table the expertise you need to make the right casting decisions on new or existing projects. We have worked with companies of all sizes from all over the world. Just give us a call and provide info to help assess your casting needs.

 TOOL ROOM MACHINES  Make  Size/Capacity
 Universal Milling  TOS  3' x 2'
 Surface Grinder  TOS  3.5' x 6'
 Horizontal Milling  HMT  M2V - 1278
 Lathe  HMT  LB - 20 - 2161 (10' Bed)
 Pillar Drilling  TOS  221176647 - 2"
 Grinding  Comet  
 Lathe  Kirloskar  8' Bed


 Pressure Die Casting Machines  Make  Qty
 600 Ton Cold Chamber  Fries  1
 400 Ton Cold Chamber  HMT/Buhler  2
 250 Ton Cold Chamber  HMT/Buhler/Fries  4
 160 Ton Cold Chamber  HMT/Buhler  2
 100 Ton Cold Chamber  Cincinati Cleveland  1
 60 Ton Cold Chamber  HMT/Buhler  1
 50 Ton Cold Chamber  HMT/Buhler  1
 Low Pressure (LPDC)  Plume  1
 Core Shooter  Susha  1


 Finishing Machines  Make  Size/Capacity
 Shot Blasting (Rotary)  Indabrator  Model 48 TST 96200
 Shot Blasting (Tumbling)  Surfex  RSBM


 Quality Control Machines  Make  Size/Capacity
 Spectrometer  Spectromaxx  2011
 Tensile Testing  Dutron  1.5 G - 5 Ton
 Hardness Testing  Avery  Type 6402